It will not happen to often that one's work life offers the opportunity to allocate time almost freely. Currently I am in this situation and decided to spend some nice sunny days on Tenerife motorcycling. And the island delivered, I had a full week of beautiful weather, hitting the roads with a BMW R1200GS I got as an upgrade from Moto4Fun. I can really recommend their services, I was happy with everything.
The GS was always on my list for a test ride, I do understand now why many people prefer this bike. While being a heavy beast if you need to move it manually, once it rolls it is impressively agile and fast. However, the BMW is pricey and not really good looking ... The roads on Teneriffa are made for bikers - twisty and excellent tarmac.
In addition the reading and cycling I wanted to test the X-Pro 2 I recently acquired. Image quality is excellent, and so is handling. If I am going to use the OVF in the long term, we will see. There will be a separate blog post on the X-Pro 2.
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